Very simply, cognitive computing is the science of getting a computer to do what only we as humans are naturally and instinctively able to do... only it does it all a lot faster and it does it all far more efficiently

Every business is (either knowingly or unknowingly) concerned with information (not just data) to properly answer important questions, such as:

what are the latest trends in the marketplace?

how are customers responding to changes in business policies and practices?

what impact are political, idealogical, environmental, regulatory, etc. developments likely to have on a business?

what is the best strategy to cope with emerging trends and shifts in consumer behaviour and buying patterns?

what are the risks which competing technologies, product developments and services innovations expose a business to?

is it possible to extrapolate emerging trends and patterns into the future in order to confidently predict expected outcomes?

These are just some of the questions which a cognitive business strategy is concerned with answering...

Typically, the kind if results a business could expect from adopting a sound AI strategy, would be:

• effectively and efficiently monetise the information which business tends to generate

• save time and money by automating routine processes and tasks

• increase productivity and operational efficiencies

• make faster business decisions based on outputs from cognitive technologies

• avoid mistakes and 'human error'

• use insights to predict customer preferences in order to offer customers a better, more personalised experience

• mine and process vast amounts of data to generate quality sales leads and grow a customer base

• achieve real cost savings by optimising business operations, workforce activities and product performance

• increase revenue by identifying and maximising sales opportunities

• identify emerging trends as a pace-setter rather than a follower

• anticipating future opportunities, threats and risks

aiQ Cognitive Technologies used its cognitive computing technologies to develop the world's first Neural Biometric to answer the all-important "Who?"-question to unprecedented levels of accuracy and convenience

aiQ Cognitive Technologies is a member of the aiThenticate group of businesses

In a world where better, smarter and more efficient is increasingly driving business success, it has become unavoidable that Artificial Intelligence (AI) now features as a key business strategy...

Our experience and expertise in the rapidly evolving field of cognitive computing is able to demystify and make sense of a complex subject and help you craft an AI strategy for your business that's founded on sound, proven, real-world principles and practices

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